Level 3 Delivery of Conflict Management Tutors Award

The Conflict Management qualification is in two parts.

Unit 1

You will be required to sit and pass a Level 2 Exam in Conflict Management which is made up of multiple choice questions.

Unit 2

You will complete a portfolio during 3 classroom days where you will also learn how to teach the subject through the use of scenarios (this course and qualification not only gives you the material and understanding to deliver to security personnel; we have had the course Endorsed through NOCN allowing you to deliver Conflict Management/Resolution to other sectors such as the care industry).

Day one of this course will also include the New Endorsed Conflict Resolution Tutors Certificate meeting current NHS Protect National guidelines

The micro-teach assessment is 30 minutes and is video recorded. This is where you will demonstrate the use of scenarios to the group.

You will then be required to complete a portfolio for submission to the awarding body. This will require a few more documents to be added to your work.

Additional Information
If you wish to undertake the Conflict Management, Physical Intervention and Handcuff Instructors Courses you will be required to be in possession of a current Adult Teaching Qualification. If it is not considered valid by the Awarding Body then you will have to undertake the new Level 3 Award in Education and Training before you can proceed. Discussion about this and your qualification status can take place with our Awarding Body prior to you attending the course.

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