Level 3 Physical Intervention Tutors Award (Mapping Course)

This is a combination of class room learning and practical assessment sessions over a 3 day period. You will be required to attend all the training days and complete a portfolio.

Unit 1 will be 2 days (15 Hours guided Learning Hours)


Unit 2 will be 1 day (Coaching course)

You will not be required to build a portfolio or have to do a micro teach. This additional day will give you the coaching points that will help you to deliver the level 2 Course.

Qualified trainers mapping across have found it difficult not to teach the system they have practiced before, and this additional day has helped to give them the reason and understanding why techniques are taught the way the system requires you to teach them.

You will need to complete and pass both units before applying for your level 3 Certificate. These units can be taught consecutively or as separate units.

You must pass Unit 1 before attending Unit 2.

On Unit 1 of this course, you will be required to complete a level 2 qualification in Physical Invention. You can be exempt doing the written exam if you have a valid Door Supervisors Certificate that shows you have done level 2 Physical Intervention or the new Up-skilling course.

On completion of this course you will be provided with lesson plans, delegate books and documentation to be a level 3 trainer allowing you to teach level 2 physical Intervention. You will also receive a full licence agreement allowing you to use all the material while your licence is valid. This can be downloaded free of charge.

Additional Information

If you wish to undertake the Conflict Management, Physical Intervention and Handcuff Instructors Courses you will be required to be in possession of a current Adult Teaching Qualification. If it is not considered valid by the Awarding Body then you will have to undertake the new Level 3 Award in Education and Training before you can proceed. Discussion about this and your qualification status can take place with our Awarding Body prior to you attending the course.

To book a place on a course or for more information please contact us.