McCormack Training Endorsed Programme for Instructors of Advanced Physical Intervention Techniques (including Managing Violence and Aggression and Safe Guarding Techniques)

This course will be delivered over three days

Within various industries some staff are required to attend situations that require them to apply techniques to contain or escort a person to a different location that require them to deviate from the level 2 programme; such as restraining an individual on the floor. This will be based on the fact that the risk is greater than the techniques taught at level 2 will allow.

This will also include techniques that maybe required to use on those individuals coincided to be subject of safe guarding legislation.

The course will cover techniques for dealing with individuals who may be aggressive or not responding to verbal requests or the technique applied within the level 2 syllabus for a variety of reasons and either pose a risk to themselves or others.

Emphasis will be placed on the assessment of the individual in front of you, the appropriate verbal, and physical restraint. In some situations this may include dealing with the application of techniques which could be considered to be pain compliant, and/or restraining a person on the floor.

Consideration will be given to the impact factors such as Size, Height, Weight, Gender, State of Mind, Alcohol, Drugs, Mental Health, Medical Conditions and skill level.

The New Endorsed Advanced Programme allows the member of staff to apply techniques that have been risked assessed and approved. You will not need to be an approved centre to deliver this course or certificate your delegates.

Additional Information

If you wish to undertake the Conflict Management, Personal Safety Awareness Coach, Physical Intervention and Handcuff Instructors Courses you will be required to be in possession of a current Adult Teaching Qualification. If it is not considered valid by the Awarding Body then you will have to undertake the new Level 3 Award in Education and Training before you can proceed. Discussion about this and your qualification status can take place with our Awarding Body prior to you attending the course.

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